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You’re in control! With our unmanaged virtual private servers, you get full root access to your server, putting you in complete control.

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All Our VPS Servers Come With The Following As Standard

  • Your own server resources
  • Freedom to choose your own backups
  • Latest Dell PowerEdge Servers
  • Extremely high and scalable performance
  • SSD SAN Storage with replication
  • 1Gbit uplink
  • Fast, efficient upgrades
  • Failover hardware
  • Malware/Trojan Protection

Your Questions, Our Answers

A virtual private server (VPS) is a way of hosting files and apps in a data centre. Like a dedicated server, it gives you your own resources: processors, memory and storage.

It’s different to a dedicated server in that you do not ‘own’ a specific piece of hardware. Instead, portions of a physical server are allocated to different users. Whatever these other users do, it can’t affect your VPS performance. It’s an isolated private environment for your own use.

A VPS is different to shared hosting in that you are guaranteed hosting resources and you’re free to install any software. You choose these resources when you buy a VPS.

By default, an Unmanaged VPS won’t come with a control panel to manage your sites or applications, but you can install one. Our range of Managed VPS come with the directadmin control panel which is perfect for managing your VPS and websites. You can also order cPanel for your Unmanaged VPS.

We manage the hardware and network that the VPS uses. We don’t manage the security, software or updates on the VPS itself – that will be your responsibility. We’d recommend an Unmanaged VPS if you’re confident with server management. If you require technical support and advice, then we’d recommend one of our Managed VPS.

Yes, our VPS plans are scalable and can be upgraded at any time. There’s no downtime when upgrading and it’s as simple as a click of a button from your VPS management area.


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